Bonneville 2013

Destination Bonneville Salt Flats, Wendover, Utah during speed week 2013.


My first hot rod. Built in 1976 and now with thousands of miles on it, it is on its 4th motor.


My brother, Bob, setting the record for the quickest and fastest Y-block in the world.


Pileup of cars in Shasta, Ca. on typical trip to the Hot Rod Reunion. Bob Lindsay, Jack Cox, My 33, Ron Austin, Larry Schoen. Paul Harris, and Mike Layman.


My latest innovation, a Hamb dragster I just finished in the summer of 2013.


I'm enthusiastic , with Marty Strode planning my new salt flat roadster, "Salt Flat 2, New Generation."


My 56 Ford pickup towing my altered. Shot by Peter Vincent at the Baker City airport.


An early configuration of my 33 fueling with the infamous Bob Lick on our way south.


My roadster in compitition garb at Boise racing brother Bob's model A.


My first trip to Bonneville


Racing at Bakersfield in good company.

salt car 008

Hamming it up with Bob Lick over my land speed car.

Woodburn Dragstrip Fall Classic 2010 203

In the staging lanes at Woodburn dragstrip with Kathie.

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